...and one half of his face will not be paralyzed like Dopey Joe's.
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10/13/2020, 16:50:25

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Barrett likely has an eidetic (photographic) memory or close to it . I would bet on it. I pity the fool who tries to challenge judge Barrett's memory of what was actually said in court. 

I have a cousin with an eidetic memory. She once got a murderer convicted because she remembered a license plate of a car burning rubber getting on an freeway ramp and reported it to a detective - not just the plate, but the make/model/color/year of the vehicle. 

See, sadly, some asshole murdered his ex-girlfriend in Burbank, California where cousin Susannah worked at a law office. Detectives canvassed the neighborhood looking for any possible witnesses who might have seen something. God connected that detective with my cousin - he just walked into her office asking questions. To that detective's everlasting amazement/gratitude, she remembered seeing a car speeding onto an on-ramp during her lunch break and gave him the license-plate number. It was the license plate number of the suspect, who swore that he was not in the area at the time. 

Her testimony was key in convicting him because it showed him to be a liar to the jury. Juries are not very forgiving of lying. They tend to assume that if a witness (or suspect) lies to them about one thing, they will lie to them about everything. So they convicted him. 

The prosecution as part of their case, documented to the jury that Sue actually had an eidetic memory. That was apparently all it took to get the jury to lean toward conviction. 

Barrett is making all the right moves. She is engaged, alert but utterly phlegmatic. She was patiently observing/listening intently like good judges/justices do. Other than that, you can just hear her inner voice asking herself,"Is there a question in there anywhere?" No, Amy. There isn't. You can relax. 

Since the goal of the hearings is not to block her, but to either get her to collapse emotionally (and say something stupid/disqualifying) or at least force political damage onto the GOP for confirming her, Judge Barrett  knows that she is just basically a bystander to the process, not an active participant. 

Just for kicks, she should tell the committee that her favorite movie is "Judge Dredd" with Sylvester Stallone. In that movie of a dystopian post-apocalypse, judges are also enforcers of punishment and execution. The "judges" arrest, convict and execute punishment all at the same time. heh 

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