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Too many 4/5-syllable words. (Like the King of England telling Mozart his composition was good but had had, "too many notes")
Re: "Marxism would still be valid if it were proved to be false, because it is a methodology of social transformation above all else." -- *BOING* Cuckoo, *BOING* Cuckoo, *BOING* Cuckoo....... -- Long, dry read, but highly informative. -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

10/12/2020, 16:37:41

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Not for me you understand, but the goyem. Today's "activists" tend to want little or no intellectualism per se. They want the APPEARANCE of rational justification without actually enacting rational policies ( 'cause governing well is time-consuming and difficult).

Sure I get what he is saying and can't disagree with any of his conclusions. There is an element in the world however, of a sort of "zeitgeist" which assumes people collectively behave much-less rationally in larger numbers.

Hyper-rationalism as sold by Marx and his ilk, is especially appealing to dull-witted people because weak, unruly people ever seek to align/affiliate themselves with people who appear to be "smart" and "powerful". So many neo-Marxists desperately want to prove to themselves (and hated parents) how smart they are. So they gravitate to people who use polysyllables instead of those who speak plainly.

What modern Marxists have learned to do far better than conservatives and other normal people, is to exploit those who are emotionally disturbed or the very least unstable. This allows them to mobilize some of the most cacogenic elements of society as political allies or at the very least, attack-forces against the status-quo when it is controlled by their political adversaries.

Let's face it - ACFs are vastly more capable of behaving without regard for morality. As all true cacogens they seem to prefer it.

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