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Feel-good story for the weekend...Iran VP/head of Atomic Energy gets plague as death toll hits highest mark.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

10/11/2020, 13:48:38

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I know the people of Iran are in general nowhere near as bad as their leaders. But then, it was the PEOPLE of Iran who put the leaders in charge in the first place in their GLORIOUS ISLAMIC REVOLUTION against the Shah's monarchy. So there is some poetic justice in that as well. 

Iran is like the Soviet Union - a perfect example of the disaster that occurs whenever a population becomes so detached from reality that they actually VOLUNTARILY GIVE UP THEIR FREEDOM TO CHOOSE THEIR LEADERSHIP. The current regime is infinitely more-corrupt than the Shah's government, but cannot be removed because unlike the monarchy (which was beholden to the international community) the Ayatollah is an autocrat - a dictator without opposition.  

The PEOPLE of Iran gave their Islamic Council/Ayatollah absolute authority over everything and everything else. So backed by the Revolutionary Republican Guard forces (the muzz equivalent of the German SS)Iran has become nothing more than an oligarchic dictatorship run by Islamofascists who are only a republic in name only - what they call their "rule of law" is actually "rule by muzz gangsters". The Iranians change their laws to suit the whims of the Rulers.Selah! 

No wonder the Eightball Obama administration related to them so strongly. The 'Crats would love nothing more than to have the exact same thing happen in the USA, except that the 'Crats want to be the new Ruling Class which administrates an unassailable one-party government system in which all power is held by the Democrat party and the Constitution is finally relegated to novelty status to be ignored whenever it conflicts with the will of the Executive Committee.

Anyway, back to the main topic - the Iranians have for a long time concealed from the world the  true magnitude of their epidemic. See, they don't have the infrastructure to deal with a plague like China Virus in any way but to simply throw up their hands and pray for the mythical "herd immunity" to kick in a save their population from absolute decimation.

Since herd immunity is only a speculative conjecture at this point (much like Anthropogenic Global Warming) the Iranians are betting their nation's entire future on something that is only a notion cooked up in a coffee break at the epidemiology lab. 
For the Iranians, who have spent and spent and spent on pointless military programs instead of building up their infrastructure, this is a case of the Islamist chicken coming home to the Islamic roost.

I note with some satisfaction that Trump's termination of the so-called "Iran deal" has all but crippled the Iranian ecomony. The fucking deal the Eightball Obama gave them when he did an end trun around Congress and signed a treaty without their consent, was nothing more than a huge bribe paid to the regime by the Eightball Obama administration. It was really a gift, since the Iranians gave back ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in concessions or compliance with international law, in return for the billions of dollars and lifting of sactions they got from the cacogen Barack Hussein Obama.

The Iranian currency has lost close to 90% of its value since the new sheriff worked them over. And things by all accounts are going to get a lot WORSE for the muzz in Iran before they get significantly better. 

Their own government is admitting to their people that the entire population of the country will likely become infected, which will (they hope) confer upon them herd immunity. 

Or not. Mebbe our own people in THIS country will be able to learn from the horrible mistake the Iranians made in handing over absolute power to fascists - the way the Democrats want to do in the USA.

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