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10/10/2020, 23:57:03

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The Radical Left Unveils New Plans for Socialism in 2021 - 'The People’s Charter'

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Ben Jinno

Joe Biden has been relatively aggressive on the campaign trail considering he spent most of 2020 in the basement of his home in Delaware. But as much talking as he's done, there are some important questions the Former Vice President has refused to answer.

The tough answers he has given, particularly surrounding his thoughts on the Green New Deal, have given the radical left a reason to rethink their approach to more universally palatable policies - so they've reworded them.

The highly left and liberal Working Families Party, which is essentially less of a political party and more just a branch of the democratic left, has teamed up with some of the most radical liberals the federal government employs - notably Representatives. Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna Pressley.

The Working Families Party has proposed what might be the most liberal and socialist proposal in our nation's history. They're calling it the "People's Charter" and it is the new doctrine of socialism for the left.

It was first unveiled to Politico

the 1,000-word proposal calls for universal free health care, a jobs program employing 16 million people, retroactive hazard pay for essential employees and the reallocation of resources from policing toward education and other services. It also promotes giving the public an ownership stake in firms that receive bailouts, as well as buying out gas and oil companies, among other policies.

The platform, shared first with POLITICO, is the latest move from progressives as they prepare to wrangle with moderate Democrats over the scale of new government spending and programs if the party wins control of Washington. It’s part of a different strategy for progressives this year than in the 2016 election: putting more organizational muscle behind Biden than they put into backing Hillary Clinton’s campaign, but also vowing to turn around and place immediate pressure on Biden to stand with them on key issues if he is elected.

The People's Charter addresses just about every aspect of American life and declares to turn private industries into public ones at every opportunity possible. This includes public banks, "buying out" the oil industry, and abolishing zoning laws - likely for the purpose of building public-housing in the suburbs.

Here is a sample of what the Charter has to offer, found at WorkingFamilies.org:

Put 16 million people to work immediately -- upgrading our broken infrastructure, modernizing and retrofitting millions of homes and buildings, staffing schools, hospitals and health departments, protecting and restoring forest and wetlands, creating opportunities for family farmers and rural communities, and revitalizing American manufacturing.

Raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour everywhere.

Make health care free and universal and take hospital and health insurance profits out of it. 

Ensure every worker who wants a union can join one, so that all workers, and especially essential workers, can bargain for good pay and benefits, safe conditions, and a voice on the job.

Guarantee universal child care, paid family and medical leave and paid sick days, and income support for parents taking care of kids full time.

Provide safe, affordable housing for all. 

Guarantee home and community based services for everyone, including mental health care. 

Cancel student debt, an unfair burden on working and middle class young adults.

Tax the giant corporations who don’t pay their share, and the wealth of the billionaires, who have gotten richer during the worst economic collapse in 90 years.

Create public banks to make needed investments whenever private markets fail to.

Give the public ownership stakes in all corporations receiving bailouts.

Instead of subsidizing and bailing out oil and gas companies, buy them out, to further our transition away from fossil fuels and towards regenerative energy sources, and create green jobs in the process. Prioritize a just transition for workers in extractive industries. 

It's easy to see that these proposals are fiscally impossible and would place the federal government in a position of enormous power over the free-market, or what might be left of it.

This will likely be the plan for Joe Biden moving forward although it is not expected that he will publicly endorse many of the bullet-points in the document. It's more likely that he will let the American people know his plans if and when he and kamala Harris win control of the Executive Branch.


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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