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The Piney Woods School explanation . . .
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Posted by: Russ Walden

10/10/2020, 22:34:07

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Tee --
Piney Woods School is a private, black, Christian high school in Mississippi. Some years ago, they were "discovered" by 60 Minutes.

It seems that one of the girls had become pregnant. She and the boy who impregnated her were both expelled. The 60 Minutes guy approximately accosted the head of the school over the expulsion. The school "principal" replied "We did not expel them."

60 Minutes guy went apeshit, "Of course you did!"

Piney Woods guy said, "No, they expelled themselves. There are standards that must be maintained in order to be eligible to be a Piney Woods student. All of the students know what they are. The moment they chose to violate those standards, they were no longer eligible to be Piney Woods students. So, they expelled themselves."

And, he didn't back down.

That one cost me a few $, but it's a longer story than I want to tell right now.

Take care,

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