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Horribly-biased debate commission cancels Oct 15 event. Trump cancels the commission.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

10/10/2020, 00:49:37

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DJT saw the ambush coming. Not only did the supposedly "impatial" commission change the rules arbitrarily in order to  help Biden, hinder Trump, but they also had appointed moderators with blantatly-anti-Trump, ACF views. 

Trump has suggested that the commission be discarded entirely and the debate take place by arrangement derived from mutual agreements of conditions by both campaigns. 

No doubt Biden will seize this opportunity to refuse to debate at all any more. Just as he refused to name any supreme court selections until AFTER the election.

I guess we have to elect a Democrat president before we are permitted to know what he plans to do after being elected.  

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