The author has no idea what he is talking about.
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10/09/2020, 22:37:25

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You will not see any peer-reviewed, genuine scientific papers on this - because the link between brain function and behavior has not been established. The term "pro-social sociopath" sounds like something a sociologist would come up with to try to make it sound like sociology is a hard-science field instead of something far more-closely aligned with philosophy (as is most of sociology) or experimental psychology. 

The range of what may be called "normal" brain morphology is as broad as the ocean. For example,  the brain of Jeff Dhamer (a classic "psychopathic mass murderer") was completely normal physically. They were able to do a scan because he died in prison, so they didn't need permission of next-of-kin to do a full autopsy, including a brain scan. 

If the physical brain of a confirmed, "fully-articulated" psychopath is normal QED, brain morphology is not necessarily linked clearly to behavior - especially complex behaviors like psychopathic (sociopathic) mass murderers display. 

I once heard one of the few experts in mass murderers lecture about "pscyhopathic personalities". She said that condition was pretty much a "mysterious black box" to researchers. One of the reasons is that the more-well-defined cases of psychopathic personalities are often not available for study. Their brains are often scrambled by either self-inflicted gunshots or those of law enforcement dealing with them. So getting an intact brain of a genuine psychopath to study is extremely difficult. 

Terms like "psychopath" or "sociopath" are, even to experts, fairly vague and ill-defined. The reason is that researchers aren't particularly interested in terms, they are more interested in clinical information which may be reduced to scientific theory or principles. 

There is nowhere near enough scientific evidence linking brain-morphology to insanity, psychosis or sociopathic violent crime to extrapolate anything anywhere as precise as the author does in the article. 

If he publishes a paper on it, let me know. Otherwise I'd classify it as "abstruse click-bait nonsense". 

A brain-scan does not translate into any correlation to complex behavior of any kind, much less to protracted, fluctuating, highly-volatile, grotesquely-unpredictable  psychotic processes. 

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