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a rare case where the Universe gives someone a basic test in morality and intellect - he failed both.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

10/09/2020, 22:25:29

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As soon as the cops arrived, it was a foregone conclusion that they were going to break the window if the owner couldn't or wouldn't open the car immediately anyway.

Anyone with an I.Q. larger than their age would have known that. The fact that he was apparently(obviously) more concerned about attaining an optimal outcome (kid is alright, windows don't have to be broken) than being damn sure his child didn't pay for his utter stupidity in leaving him in the car in the first place.

Sometimes people deserve to be in prison - so they don't hurt anyone else until they have some time to grow up. Unfortunately for his dead child, he was incapable of being normal enough to keep his son alive.

Any normal human being would have broken the window himself or BEGGED the cops to do it the second they showed up.

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