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Tori Spelling has hoplophobic meltdown because she and her husband chose the wrong hotel - blame your travel agent not the NRA.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

10/09/2020, 22:02:03

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One of the "famous for being famous" pseudo-celebrities Tori Spelling, is making a big deal out of the fact that apparently she and her husband decided to go to some hotel outside the USA where they saw some asshole shooting off what she assumed was an automatic rifle. Whether or not it was discharged full-auto or was even capable of it is unknown. An AK-47 is often sold as a semi-automatic rifle. We know nothing more because she refuses to tell anyone more details. Maybe she just assumed it was fully-automatic because it LOOKED like some of the full auto weapons she sees on television, and someone popped off a few rounds (rapid but single-fire) for kicks - to frighten people. Morons like to do that-scare people. It makes them feel powerful.

It is incumbent on any travel agent to avoid booking hotels for client which are in areas where such things occur. That's one of the jobs of a travel agent - to know the location's security rating. Generally the best way to do that is to meet with or speak with local police officials.

Once when I did a location shoot in a remote part of Southern Mexifornia, the first thing we did was meet with the local PD, who told us that there was likely to be gunfire. That was because our location was close to railroad tracks where workers often go (especially on Fridays or after they got paid) to shoot into the railroad tracks along the main road.

That was Paris, California. So when our officers heard gunfire out by the tracks, we didn't panic or call the cops. It was just morons having fun after work.

See, machine-guns are everywhere. I have a friend who went to Mexico to discuss setting up a charity for a U.S.-based non-profit. As he entered the compound of the corrupt alcalde, security people holding machine guns were posted all around the compound.

BTW, the outcome of the meeting was that the alcalde said it was no problem to set up a non-profit charity in his town, but he wanted $ 1 million in cash. My friend smiled, stood up, thanked the official for his time and left.

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