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Staunchly pro-Biden debate commission deftly forces cancellation of last presidential debate by changing format at last second.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

10/08/2020, 09:06:53

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Rush saw this coming a long, long time ago. He said that if Trump did well in the first debate, the commission would do whatever they had to do in order to change the format to something that they knew would force DJT's team to refuse to participate.

In another play straight out of Rule for Radicals, the debate commission predictably used the pretext of "protection" of the participants to alter the Trump-favoring direct debate format to one far more comfortable/manageable for dementia-ridden Biden.

This might (hopefully will) have a long-term effect of reducing the power of so-called "unbiased" commissions in deciding the format and rules for such things.

I frankly think the Trump campaign should have balked early-on and refused to debate at all unless the format was approved in negotiations directly between the candidates, so the commission could not meddle with things on Biden's behalf with the appearance of "objectivity".

The cancellation of the debate will technically have been executed by the Trump team but it will have been the actions of the commission in collusion with the Biden campaign which actually cancelled the debate by demanding changes which they knew would be unacceptable to the Trump team.

You've got to hand it to the 'Crats - when it comes to deception, misdirection and mendacity they are far more-accomplished and able than the conservatives, who still haven't quite grasped that morality is no longer a factor at all in campaigns for president.

This is raw, Machiavellian warfare where one must regard the opponent as not just an adversary, but an enemy.

This should have been predicted long ago and strategies put into place to counter it by the Trump campaign. So it represents a minor victory for the Biden campaign - they got what they desperately needed - an excuse to cancel the debate but an appearance of this being the choice of the Trump campaign, not the commission or the Biden campaign.

Credit where credit is due.

The good news is that it is becoming more and more apparent from post-debate polling that very little in terms of changes in undecided voter choices seems to be an element of the entire process.

Virtually all the undecided votes are no longer undecided. Whatever minuscule percentage of the votes which remain will either be swayed by raw emotion having little to do with debating issues, or possibly never existed in the first place but were simply people feigning indecision for a variety of reasons.

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