ACLU criminal liberties union virtue signaling. They take one or two cases each year defending their enemies to try to maintain an appearance of "objectivity"
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Posted by: LateForLunch

10/08/2020, 08:42:14

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This is SOP for the Communists on the ACLU. It's identical to how some ACF publications like Time or Newsweek publish editorials by genuine conservatives (or border-line conservatives like George Will) from time to time in order to inoculate themselves against accusations of bias against conservatives or other non-ACFs.

It's an obvious gambit which seems to work to fool at least a tine but significant percentage of voters into believing that their organizations are "unbiased".

That is a technique BTW, straight out of Rules for Radicals. Alinsky taught that " radical revolutionary socialists must never present themselves as such to a skeptical electorate, but instead disguise their revolutionary nature through deception, misdirection and concealment through such mitigating means."

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