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Posted by: LateForLunch

10/07/2020, 14:26:57

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I ended up on a team that was the league misfits (long-hair, unconventional Italian coach, 'couple of Jewish kids). The star of the team was the coach's son. He was one of those all-around athletes - hit over way over .300, threw benders, 65 MPH fastballs when he pitched, mastered all of the fundamentals - 'prolly went on to at least high-school stardom but I only remember his first name. 'heard his Italian dad yelling his name often enough, "Dominic!!! What the Hell was THAT?? Keep your stance EVEN"

Even though we were misfits we played hard, eventually went on to the playoffs lost to a far better team (they were prolly on steroids). They had big Cuban brothers as I recall who were ridiculously athletic.

Our thing was stealing bases. Anyone who got to first ended up in scoring position after a few pitches. We were all lightening-fast (I was mostly a sprinter in track). But the winners could actually get a lot of base-hits, hit the ball hard - hit hanging curve balls, hit low/high/inside/outside fastballs, hit long-balls to score from third. I think they actually lived at a batting cage.

We stole a lot of hits/runs by hustle in the outfield/on the basepads. But they could do much of the same as good or better, and also execute deft double-plays and HIT through the entire rotation. So we got our heads handed to us in a man-to-man match-up.

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