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"Vote-fraud is a serious concern..." - only to normal people with an average sense of morality...
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Posted by: LateForLunch

10/07/2020, 13:39:01

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...leaves out about 30% of the population, right off-the-bat.

BTW, speaking off-topic for a minute with your permission, Primecut...speaking of bats. Anyone else play baseball competitively as a "youngster" ? (nods to Vin Scully)

I played some Little League, I threw a pretty good knuckle-ball but it wasn't good enough to get "K"s. I got hit pretty good. No smoke. I got some movement though, freaked out one or two kids who hadn't seen a knuckle-ball before.

'best part was hitting a line drive right over the head of an arrogant pitcher who challenged me by throwing one right down the pipe. I taught him not to underestimate the tall, skinny batters. He ducked a little as it went by him. It was only a single but it felt like...justice.

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