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heh I hoped you'd appreciate that, Primo!! heh
Re: "If you say something after saying you are speechless then you are not speechless. " -- Could you run that by again? :-) -- Russ Walden Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

10/07/2020, 12:36:54

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I should add that I no longer despise Disco. As all manner of entertainment that brings or brought joy, relaxation and pleasure to people, Disco has its rightful place in the history of entertainment in the USA.

Though I personally don't enjoy Disco, I have tried to learn to dance as an adjunct to my general interest in music as a trumpet/french horn player, guitarist and aspiring poet/songwriter. although I enjoy dancing, I am so bad at it that I have always tended to avoid it (unless I thought it would get me chicks). I have never tried to dance to anyDisco in my life, however.

If you want to see me roll my eyes, just put on anything by the Bee Gees from Saturday Night Fever.

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