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Newsom's nickname is "hair cut". His slicked-back Vitalis retro-look is another of the many, strange, stupid things about him.
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10/07/2020, 12:22:59

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There is a brisk, energetic recall movement afoot in Mexifornia to remove Hairy. Not just at a grass-roots level, but by many big-money traditionally-Democrat donors and backstage players. His grotesque mismanagement of the civil unrest, the general economy (out-migration from CA is reaching all-time highs lately) and public relations (with idiotic BS like this latest nonsense) is causing the leftist rich to panic. 

They are afraid of a convulsive backlash which will put CA back on track to electing people like Ronald Reagan and other conservatives to high office. So Newsom may be sky-lining himself as a scapegoat instead of a possible presidential candidate further on down the line. 

Instead of being seen as a possible POTUS, he is largely and increasingly seen as someone who might have to take the fall politically for the looming collapse of the Mexifornia economy if the debt and unfunded state-worker pension liabilities issues cannot be resolved soon. 

And since Hairboy is incapable of actually leading, but is another "lead-from-behind" chicken-shit coward in the Eightball Obama tradition, the likelihood that he or any other 'Crat will do anything effective to resolve the debt/pension problem is non-existent. 

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