That movie is a winner for sure. DW's hit movie "The Book of Ely," is one of the films most-hated by H-Wood leftists.
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H-Wood ACFs are scared to death to criticize DW openly (because they are mostly vicious rat-like cowards) but the scuttlebutt from ACFs after TBOE was released and became a hit was strongly critical, even hateful.

See, in that film, Washington portrayed a man in a post-apocalyptic world who is trying to take the last existing copy of the Christian Bible (King James translation) to a place where it can be appreciated/revered and protected. Anti-Christian fanatics had gathered up and destroyed all of the other copies, because they had decided it was one of the big reasons for the big war that destroyed most of the world's civilization.

Washington horrified ACFs because the central character he portrayed (Ely) remorselessly killed anyone who tried to stop him from completing his mission (which he believed was divinely-mandated) . The action/fight scenes are brutally beautiful in their raw, savage efficiency. Not only did the film glorify violence (horrors!) it also treated Christianity and the Bible as sacred, precious, worthy things - not matters of scorn, contempt and hatred.

When I saw that movie, I was finally able to forgive DW for being fooled by the Eightball (as were millions of other black people) into believing the 'Crats led by the Eightball, intended to actually help improve the lives of black people in the USA.

Clearly, as indicated by his subsequent post-Obama actions and statements, Washington regrets allowing himself to be conned by the Marxist/Alinskyites.

NOTE: It is remarkable that the "original" movie with Yul Brynner et al, was actually based on the magnificent Akira Kurosawa film, "The Seven Samurai". H-Wood ripped-off Kurosawa without so much as a "thanks-a-lot".

To his credit Kurosawa was phlegmatic in regard to the appropriation of his work by the white man- although he and the owners of the original were paid by H-Wood to make Magnificent Seven, Kurosawa described the American film as "derivative" from his own film, not a "remake".

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