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Opportunity to edumacate (sic) here...
Re: "about half of American youths now view socialism as positively as capitalism. " -- And they cannot define either one. -- Russ Walden Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch ®

10/07/2020, 11:29:22

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..because the truth is that capitalism is the best friend morally straight socialists ever had. What that means is this: If the central goal of socialism is to, "significantly improve/lengthen the lives of those on the lowest levels of income in the world," then nothing in the entire span of world history has done that better than free-market capitalism.

Nothing else even comes remotely close. 

Virtually every significant improvement to the quality and longevity of life for the poorest among us is traceable to private development of better, less-costly innovation/improvement of products, commodities and services. 

The reason most poor people in the US are far more-likely to be obese than to die from starvation is that food production distribution became infinitely more-efficient with the development (by capital investment) of advanced farming, food processing, handling, distribution, marketing and sales of food products/services.

Same for medical treatment (though we're still struggling with ridiculously high overhead costs due to corrupt mismanagement of the health-care system by lawyers/corporations/government). Clean, safe potable water (a huge problem in under-developed nations) is increasingly available to struggling towns/villages in remote areas thanks to increasingly-affordable, efficient water-purification/transport systems. 

Same for entertainment (T.V., Internet, movies, video games, popular music) to relieve stress, add joy/inspiration to people's lives through the arts. 

Same for home-security/safety through improved law-enforcement to keep crime-levels low (until gummint treason recently of course) affordable firearms/ammunition, secure residential building (stronger, more-secure/fire-safe structures) fire-fighting technology.

There is not one single thing which dramatically increased the quality and longevity of life for those on the lower levels of income in this world more than innovation/improvement brought by FREE-MARKET CAPITALISM over the entire span of human history. 

So if someone REALLY wants to HELP poor people in their own country or around the world to have longer, more-healthy, more-hopeful lives, they will support FREE MARKET CAPITAL INVESTMENT and the people who participate in it at every level. 

Socialist nations have never led and likely never will lead in the effort to create better, cheaper, more-widely available products and services which help poorer members of the Human Race. 

It's all about the old axiom, "Give someone a fish, and you feed them for a day- teach them to fish and you feed them for a lifetime". 

That's the essence of the difference between how conservatives and anti-conservative fanatics want to try to help people. Conservatives and other normal people want to give people the tool and edumacation (sic) to better their lives permanently through their own abilities with the freedom to achieve to their highest desire/capability. Socialists and other anti-conservative fanatics want to "help" people by giving them only enough to convince them to vote for socialist causes and candidates, then leave them to flounder or die once the Socialists have taken over.*

* All of the above is derived almost verbatim from R. Buckminster Fuller's book  "Critical Path".  

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