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Well. DW admitted to voting for the Eightball Obama twice, but other than that...
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10/07/2020, 11:02:26

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...he seems to be fairly down-to-Earth - for a 'Crat. 

BB King was a life-long Republican. Other mostly conservative rockers are "Alice" Cooper (aka Vince Furnier), studio guitarist/touring rocker "Skunk" Baxter (Steely Dan, etc.), Ted Nugent (duh), comedian Adam Carolla, film director/producer David Mamet, rocker Kid Rock, rocker Meatloaf, musicians David Mustain (Megadeath), Aerosmith's lead-guitarist Joe Perry, singer Mike Love (and most of the other Beach Boys) the members of pop-icon band Styx, Gene Simmons (KISS), even former-Ramones punk-rock guitarist Johnny Ramone, Elvis Presley (duh), ZZ Top guitarist Billy Gibbons. Reputedly (though they refused to discuss politics openly for obvious reasons) in addition to Sammy HagarEddie Van Halen and virtually all of the current and former members of his band also leaned conservative (even David Lee Roth), Pink Floyd's guitarist/song-writer David Gilmore (though he won't talk about politics publicly) Eric Clapton (ditto), musician Brian Eno, guitarist Robert Fripp. 

Even the founder of the Black Entertainment Network (BET) has become a Trump supporter/advocate for the morality of free-market capitalism (maybe because it helped make him a billionaire). 

And you can bet that for every rocker or H-Wood celeb who admits to being conservative, there are many others who are but won't talk about it for the same reason Jews in Germany changed their names in the 1930s.

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