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What's messed up is that not one-in-1000 people you'd ask on the street know what "Kafkaesque" means...
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Posted by: LateForLunch

10/06/2020, 12:50:18

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...and of those who do, a much smaller percentage will care.

My concern is that we are as a culture, generally moving toward a state of affairs where people are so overly concerned with convenience and fun, that they will permit the gummint to devolve into fascist Statist oligarchy without so much as a sigh of displeasure from the electorate.

The fact that a huge portion of the electorate seem to support a Democrat in the 2020 election for president is in itself highly concerning. It is difficult to imagine how any political party guilty of doing all of the horribly, lethally irresponsible things the 'Crats have done in the last four or five years, could possibly be considered preferable to the current administration.

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