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I had a similar experience but with vastly different results.
Re: 70-year-old man dragged by hair from store, kicked in head, punched, spit on for asking a primate to socially distance -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

09/14/2020, 22:59:21

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I was at a local store in line at the checkout when I noticed an adult male in line behind me obviously in a hurry loading his things onto the belt about two feet away from me.

I asked him to please remain 6 feet away, and he flipped out. I noticed the guy was Asian at that point. He was very outraged that I would mention such a thing to him.

As I exited the store and loaded my groceries, the man exited and walked by me, mad dogging me. I merely looked at him as he walked by. As I got in the car and attempted to leave the lot, the fellow apparently thought he would come up at me. I was waiting to leave the lot to enter waiting traffic blocking the exit, and coincidentally drove right past the fool.

I guess he thought he would "teach me a lesson". He walked over to my car and stood at the driver's side window (which was closed). He stood there staring at me angrily then apparently made a decision to attack. He assumed a karate-like stance (feet wide, squared shoulders toward me). I stared at him as if to say, "O.K. what are you going to do now?" He stepped toward my car and proceeded to try to punch out the window with his fist (using a "break-the-wood-plank" oblique blow with his fist). The flat of his fist slammed hard into my window and nothing happened - the window was undamaged. I do not doubt that some of the bones in his hand may have been broken by his foolish attempt to break the window.

Through the window I said directly into his face as he stepped away, "Now, you have broken your hand. Smart move!" and drove away. I never saw him again.

What he didn't know and I didn't tell him is that I had my finger on the trigger of a loaded pistol and was ready to brandish it or use it on him if the window had broken or cracked.

People are tense.

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