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09/13/2020, 12:29:02

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All Patriots must go to the polls in person!

Brent Smith
4-5 minutes

If you care at all about America what our nation has stood for since its founding, you must get yourself to the polls in about eight weeks.

Eight weeks that's all the time we have left to save this nation from ruin. And no, that is not hyperbole.

Over the decades, we've all heard: "This is most important election in history. If candidate X wins, we're all doomed."

Yet, to date, our nation has mostly survived every election.

But we all must admit that at the very least, this one just feels different. Patriots, conservatives, constitutionalists, feel it in our heads and hearts that win or lose, this election is decidedly different. It's a perfect storm of continued, purposeful phony virus lockdowns and radical leftist violence.

TRENDING:All Patriots must go to the polls in person!

Well, if this is the case, what difference does it make if I vote in-person or at all?

Allow me to clarify.

The only way to minimize the chaos that will surely besiege the country after Nov. 3 is for President Trump to win, on Election Day, in an electoral landslide. I mean, it has to be a whitewashing so convincing that even the leftist media will have to begrudgingly admit that the Trump/Pence ticket won.

Anything less than that, and chaos will consume the nation. They've already told us as much.

So, I'll say it again. Even if you have the opportunity to take the easy way and vote by mail don't do it. Make the effort and get your butt to the polls on Nov. 3.

If you can go to Walmart, a grocery store, a pharmacy, Starbucks or Dunkin's and feel relatively safe, you can feel the same at your local polling place.

Last Tuesday I went to the polls and voted in my state's primary. Every safety precaution was taken to make sure that citizens could vote without fear of dropping dead of coronavirus on the spot.

Everyone there was masked up, and there were plexiglas dividers separating officials from the voting public. We even received a fresh, new, COVID-free pen with which to cast our ballot.

Despite warnings from fearmongering leftists, who have done their level best to frighten us into thinking we must opt instead for an all mail-in ballot system, I didn't witness a single death, nor did I hear of one reported. But just to be certain, I took a quick stroll around the back of the building where, considering the MSM propaganda, I half expected there to be a pile of bodies. (I didn't really.)

At the polling place, inside a school no less where children aren't allowed to be, I saw nothing but friendly poll watchers and officials making sure things ran smoothly and legally.

I approached the official, presented my (racist) photo I.D. and witnessed her draw a line through my name, indicating that she confirmed who I claimed to be, was eligible to vote and that I hadn't done so already.

I received my ballot, thanked her, and she wished me a pleasant day.

Well woopdeedoo you may say. What's your point?

My point is that we have nothing to fear by in-person voting. But we have plenty to fear with mail-in voting.

The elephant in the room the left continues to deny is that mail-in voting equals fraud or at the very least, massive amounts of rejected ballots due to inaccuracies, missing or incorrect signatures and late deliveries.

And if the election is close, the left will insist that every ballot be counted, whether it is legal or not, legible or not, arrived on time or not. This is the strategy of chaos and feeding time for leftist slip-and-fall lawyers.

America is being set up by the radical left either to win through mail-in fraud or not concede to losing by the same means. We know it, and so do they.

But if the so-called silent majority and the growing number of quiet converts all get to the polls on Election Day, we can beat back the radicals once again and possibly stem the tide of chaos and violence.


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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