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Harris is a viperous, reptilian cacogen.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

09/12/2020, 22:16:42

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The reference to Lucretia Borgia would be lost on most people I'm afraid - unless they were aware of popular critiques of Machiavelli's Prince which mention the exploits of the Borgia dynasty as likely inspiration for some of his book.  

Lucretia's cunning, cold-blooded pragmatism and ruthless hatred for anyone or anything that she saw as a threat, was renown to be her hallmark. Very similar to Stalin. Anyone who did not fear either of them was considered by all others a fool. 

One difference being that unlike Stalin, Borgia murdered people (including close blood relatives) with her own hand.

Harris would obviously do ANYTHING to become VP, including assassinate Biden, I'd bet. 

Some in our mass-media-desensitized  young people would consider such a woman fascinating or even "great". The fact that she was almost certainly a certifiable psychopathic mass murderer is of no matter to such. 

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