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Another good sign for DJT.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

09/12/2020, 15:42:25

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They say all politics is local. In the 2016 election, I noticed very few (if any) pro-Hill-O-Lies bumper stickers. 

In my deathly blue state, it is unusual to see many pro-conservative or pro-Republican bumper stickers because people KNOW how violent anti-conservative fanatics tend to be. Since conservatives are often smarter than average, it is no surprise that many wily people keep their political opinions to themselves. 

But leftists are whores of a different color. They dress their passion for Marxist policies disguised as "moderate liberalism" in particolor and put them on parade with the warts and deformities of their policies front-and-center. 

I have seen almost no Biden/Lucretia Borgia bumper stickers, even in the arch-leftist enclaves I travel regularly. 
Nobody gives a sh** about those fools. 

People don't much like Trump, but they don't TRUST the 'Crats to take care of them. That's the bottom line. 

The dearth of 'Crat bumper stickers told the story in 2016 when my own view was stilted by fake polling  ('thought we were all doomed to four years of the Hildebeast). I should have paid attention to the bumper stickers. 

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