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Posted by: TEEBONE ģ

09/11/2020, 19:28:38

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The Captain's Journal Ľ Armed Citizens Must Defend Their Communities

3-4 minutes

Matt Bracken.

So let me be very clear: if Democrat Party governors, mayors and DAs have hamstrung their police for political reasons, and wonít allow them to protect the lives and property of their local citizens using all required force, abandoning their primary mission in order to bow to the ABR mob, then it is time for their undefended citizens to apply the clear intent of the Second Amendment. There should be deep regret about the abandonment of the Rule of Law by the Democrat Party political ruling class, but there should be no moral quibbles or hesitation by American citizens concerning the legitimacy of armed community self defense, in the absence of expected law enforcement protection.

Therefore, it is my carefully considered opinion that black-clad and masked ABR mobs, rampaging and terrorizing innocent citizens under the cover of darkness in the style of the KKK of old, may morally and ethically be taken under preemptive fire by armed citizens at any level necessary to drive them out of their peaceful neighborhoods and away from their businesses, before the terrorists can reach their targets and throw their Molotov cocktails and other explosive and incendiary devices.

I agree with all of this, for reasons not mentioned.

First, in todayís America, I believe in the right of lethal action to defend property.† In OT times, robbers became slaves to the ones from whom they stole, until they paid back the debt in multiples.† Failure to honor that obligation of debt would get the robbers thrown into a pit at the edge of town and rocked to death.

Today in America, the FedGov sees debts as to society, and the offended never gets relief.† Insurance doesnít even come close.† The laws and rules under which we currently live were intended for people who no longer exist.

Second, and perhaps most important, I would turn you to an article I wrote in which I cataloged an elderly couple whose home had been invaded, and after plundering the home, the invaders doused the couple with gasoline and set them on fire, killing both of them.† I wonít bother to find the link.

You cannot entrust your safety to an†assumption.† You do not know the intent of the invaders, and maybe they donít even know their intent.

Third, even if the rioters donít intend to douse you with gasoline and set you on fire, there can be unintended consequences and collateral damage.† Itís extremely dangerous to have rioters and looters rampaging through neighborhoods.

Regardless of intent (which canít be known anyway), women and children can perish.† Men cannot allow that to happen.† Men cannot allow increased danger to come to their loved ones if they can stop it.

Having said all of that, be careful.† Your enemy isnít just Antifa/BLM.† Your enemy is the state as well, who will prosecute you for self defense.† They did with Kyle Rittenhouse, and they did with the McCloskeys.† Theyíll do it to you too.


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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