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Scorn quotes on...EVERYTHING!!! So sayeth I the Scorn Quoter...
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Posted by: LateForLunch

09/10/2020, 22:04:21

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...try saying THAT three times fast. Scorn Quoter! Scorn Quoter! Scorn Quoter!

If you can do that and feel like a big shot, try this one:

(Preface: In the movie/TV/stage biz the prop dept is responsible for everything you see that is not fixed, nailed down, immobile. If it moves, the prop dept provides it. So when the FX people call for blood, the prop department provides it. It is not real blood, it is prop blood.

During a horribly long shoot, one of the prop department girls was bemoaning her fate to be subjected to pain like 21- hour workdays. She said that she felt as if she were bleeding out her lifeblood. I responded, "You are prop person. A prop person doesn't bleed lifeblood. A prop person bleeds prop blood."

Say that three times fast...prop person bleeds prop blood. Prop person bleeds prop blood. Prop person bleeds prop blood. If you can say that successfully at a bar near a studio, you can make a lot of money betting drunk people they can't say it without error in less than five seconds.

They can't.

Cue:David Caruso (as CSI Miami's, Horatio Caine): And neither (significant pause) can YOU, my friend (baleful glance, puts on sunglasses).

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