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For anyone interested, re Bob Livingston Alerts and news letter:
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Posted by: TEEBONE ®

09/08/2020, 14:56:15

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Dear Barry Hirsh,

I hope you had a wonderful Labor Day. Your loyalty and daily participation are a blessing to me, and I want to thank you for being an avid reader of Bob Livingston Alerts.

I'd like to mail to you... FREE of charge, with no credit card or commitment required... three monthly issues of my print newsletter, The Bob Livingston Letter®when you sign up belowI am making this available only to my followers and all you need to do is sign up below. It's an incredible value, and I am covering all the costs.

What could be easier?

The few who have the right information can understand the workings of society and predict the future. And it gives me great joy to hear directly from my readers about what they get from their monthly issues. Feedback like this...

Mr. Livingston,
Just a quick note to say thank you and all your staff for the excellent work that all of you have done for liberty and privacy and our health! Thank you all for shining the revealing spotlight of truth on the corruption that is occurring in all the aspects of our daily lives! -- Greg H.

Dear Bob,
I cannot tell you how much I enjoy receiving your newsletters. Your no nonsense, cut to the truth approach about wall street, the housing market, the job market, etc. is exactly what I always sensed but never heard it from mainstream media, the right, the left, Fox news. I am very much a patriotic American, served in the US Navy for five years, mostly aboard US nuclear submarines, and worked as a communications officer abroad for the CIA from 1981-1988. Anyway, thank you for your letters and God Bless you! -- Don M.

Dear Bob,
Thank you Bob. I love the newsletter, it is one of the best I have read and the one thing that is unique about it is the blend of both health and financial information. Keep up the good work.  -- Barb F.

Dear Bob,
Since I began [reading] I learned that you have to be your own master and knowledge gives you control. The data you give in your monthly newsletter is true and invaluable. Thanks for bucking the system and telling the truth. You have made a big difference in my life. -- Jerry G.

Dear Bob,
I am one of those precious few that you alluded to who escaped from the programming process thanks to an inquiring mind, lots of reading and reflection, and an intuitive recognition of and respect for the truth. -- Dick K.

We at The Bob Livingston Letter® hope that regardless of what else you read, you will stick with us far longer than three months, as many subscribers have — some since we began publishing in 1969!

So over the next three months, please open, read, enjoy and benefit from the advice in your monthly print issue of The Bob Livingston Letter®.

After you tell us where to send your print newsletter — again, no strings attached — we will e-mail you with a link to confirm your free subscription. Then, you can immediately begin to enjoy your free gifts!

Bob Livingston
Editor, Personal Liberty Digest®
Editor, The Bob Livingston Letter®


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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