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It is disgusting watching the liberal media fawn over him
Re: Just saw it for the first time. He has such a flat affect. He's really in trouble. I do remember him speaking to MADD and telling them a drunk driver killed his wife and child--Ooops, his wife ran a STOP SIGN. -- Dee W. Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: Jenny ®

09/08/2020, 00:43:39

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I know plenty of women/men who will feel pity and vote for him.  My neighbor thinks Trump is a bully and a pig and even worse.   Of course, when you have always voted Dimocrat, most would agree you were going to vote Dimocrat anyway.  I have so little tolerance/patience with stupid and for whatever reason, I am surrounded by it.  Perhaps God is angry with me.  :(

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