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And in keeping with the meme, check out this .50 cal Beowulf drop-in conversion for an AR-15!
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09/05/2020, 13:27:46

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Beowulf Cartridges.JPG

5.56 mm (.223 Remington) vs. .50 Beowulf

This awesome kit turns average assault rifles into .50 caliber destroyers

Orvelin Valle
2-2 minutes

are like tools; you need the right one for whatever the situation
requires. But it's not always practical to have the most efficient gear
on hand. Alexander Arms remedies this pain point with Beowulf, a kit that converts conventional assault rifles into .50 cal destroyers.

was designed specifically to fit into the AR-15, M16 platform, and the
Beowulf is basically a large caliber drop-in replacement for that
system," said its creator, Bill Alexander in the American Heroes Channel
video below.

Image: Alexander Arms

assault rifle goes from firing a 5.56 mm to a .50 cal round by
switching out the weapon's upper receiver with the Beowulf kit. In less
than a minute, it goes from being an anti-personnel firearm to an
anti-material rifle. It still looks and feels like an AR-15, but each
blow is now a devastating haymaker. Alexander Arms offers the upper
conversion kit for AR-15 owners and fully assembled .50 cal Beowulf
rifles on its online store.

kit is perfect for checkpoints; it has no problem piercing through
vehicles. The rounds cut through body panels and windshields like a hot
knife through butter. It's most effective against targets at a
short-to-medium distance, according to Alexander Arms product overview page on its website.

this short two-minute American Heroes Channel video, Bill Alexander
demonstrates Beowulf's awesome firepower and explains his motivation for
developing the kit.


American Heroes Channel, YouTube


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