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Cucker Tarlson had a montage of just a fraction of the parade of gaffs that Dopey Joe has made recently.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

09/05/2020, 06:42:17

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The inability to make sense when he talks is apparently not something he can fix.

James Carville must spend a lot of time screaming at the T.V. these days. His absence from the political scene altogether is a bad sign for the 'Crats. See, Carville always comes out and puts his shoulder to the wheel when the campaign is this far along.

The fact that Carville is absent from the political scene (no guest appearances or insults to hurl at conservatives) indicates that he doesn't believe there is anything to be gained from engaging in MORE speech.

When Carville is silent, it means he knows the 'Crats are spiraling out-of-control.

The hilarious thing is that the entire 'Crat strategery now seems to hinge on HIDING Dopey Joe and his Communist running mate from the voters as long as possible.

The rapidly vanishing undecided voters are going to become harder and harder to sway once they decide. Traditionally, people who decide in the last few months of an election do not change their minds much.

So as DJT has sagely observed, time has already run out on the 'Crats for the most part. Nothing in elections is written in stone, but it would not surprise me if the 'Crats shift virtually all of their significant efforts to fraud (with the assistance of corrupt 'Crat officials/judges) as a means to win the election.

I can't believe they really think they can win the election through legitimate, lawful means. They will exploit the fact that vote fraud is one of those very unique crimes (like murder) in which the damage has already been done long before they are ever caught.

So it makes sense that there will be a tide of 'Crat vote fraud the likes of which has never been seen.

I am deadly serious.

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