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Posted by: LateForLunch

09/05/2020, 06:15:57

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..which is that the issue was brought up to remind the voters that it happened. Polling (especially with non-aligned voters, one of the only undecided sectors of the electorate remaining) on the 'Crat response to the SOTU was negative, including on the obscene spectacle of Stretch acting like a street-ho.

Pelosi played to her base in that vile act, but the down side for the 'Crats was that it was a huge "turn-off" to everyone else. It was repulsive but more importantly another in a long series of political blunders by Stretch.

I think the people who put forward the proposal of a formal investigation had no illusions about the futility of trying to achieve an arrest or conviction. What they sought was to bring the issue back into the news cycle as a way to harvest more negative impact on Stretch and the 'Crats.

IOW, they never intended to accomplish anything more or less than bringing more negative focus on Stretch, who has been and remains a huge PR liability for the 'Crats.

Pelosi is one of the most disliked politicians in the history of the House. Anything that gets her into the news cycles is generally bad for the 'Crats and good for the opposition.

Someone has been paying attention to the sturm und drang of the propaganda war.

Of course, if they go too far (as the GOP did in going after Clinton impeachment) down that road, there can also be a lot of blow-back from people (like yourself and they guy who wrote the article) who prefer not to deal in hopeless, unproductive activity in Congress.

This being an election year, they may be forgiven for joining in the fracas (don't hate the player, hate the game) of applying words as munitions, not primarily tools of communication.

They got the incident back in the new cycle which was likely their only intention from the beginning. In light of all of the other stupid, politically asinine things Stretch has done recently, it's not a bad idea to get that hideous visage into the news any way they can.

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