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The world groaning under the constant assault by Marxists disguised as "objective" people, needs to rest.
Re: "[T]he Earth can recover 'if we allow it to rest' and must spur people to adopt simpler lifestyles to help a planet 'groaning' under the constant demand for economic growth." -- Poop Francis, card-carrying South American Jesuit leftist -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

09/05/2020, 05:27:29

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BTW for those who don't know, "REUAGE" is what the advanced space aliens we have contacted (or rather who contacted us) said when we asked them how they dealt with their cacogenic element.

Largely and increasingly, what is wrong with the world is not related to any specific recurring problems per se - all of them are fixable - but with PEOPLE who generate recurring problems.

What can we do? REUAGE!!

For whatever reason, there around 30% of the population of the world is too stupid, violent and incorrigible to tolerate. All of us who believe in a civil, ordered, peaceful society (not chaotic barbarism) should listen to what the aliens have told us and consider it well.

The Ascent of the Cacogens must be stopped.

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