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Welcome! I don't go to bars anymore but a good wingman is always a good thing.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

09/03/2020, 23:43:48

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I was never much of a player - not for lack of effort.

A wingman can be many things.

These days especially when there are so many definitions for terms being promulgated on the Net.

One of my family flew in (repaired radar on) B-17s. Little known fact of aviation, they used to navigate using what was known as an "L" band signal.

The electronic equipment on board the bombers was fairly sophisticated for the time. They dropped this 19 year-old kid on Okinawa to repair/calibrate the L-Band systems.

Another note is that there is no sand or dirt on Okinawa. It is all volcanic rock or gravel. Impossible to dig-in for a hurricane - the pitons simply don't anchor to the ground - so only the Quonset huts on anchored foundations remained standing in the storms. Anyone who's been to a rocky beach (Moonstone or Pismo Beach on the West Coast for instance) knows what that's like. Abrasive. Unfriendly.

He was a wiz at photography. In his spare time he scrapped up a bunch of parts around the base, built an enlarging apparatus for his camera so he could send photos home for the soldiers. They "borrowed" (comandeered) a covered-truck so he could set up the rig to develop the negatives and stole some stuff from the PX. The soldiers were happy as heck to be able to send pics home after all was said and done.

If the officers knew, they ignored it. Decent of them.

He got a lot of free stuff for his efforts but didn't smoke or drink alcohol much so he lost out big time on tobacco and booze rations. All of the canned pineapple, Spam, anchovies or K-Rations he wanted. The soldiers didn't have much but they were generous with whatever they had.

They were after all, AMERICANS, and that means that they were decent gentlemen and proud of it.

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