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EYES ON MARICOPA: Recently Adrian Fontes, (attorney for murderer of Brian Terry & now Maricopa Recorder) established new rules. If you accidentally mark off the wrong person and want to change your vote,
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Posted by: Dee W. ®

09/02/2020, 10:31:08

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just go ahead and mark it off on your ballot. What happens here is the machine rejects the vote as an "over vote" and then his employees must take the vote and determine who the person wanted to vote for. 

Fontes is the man who closed Republican polling places; forced entire Republican precincts to vote provisional ballots; had no working vote counting machines-forcing all votes to be counted in his main office; tossed out the provisional ballots; put emergency voting booths on numerous corners in Phoenix (in Hispanic hoods) and advised there was no ID needed to vote. 

Guess who flipped Maricopa County?  This Democrat hero went throughout the blue states explaining how he was pulling off these thefts.

Thankfully, Trump took an interest and is taking the "changing ballots" as high as the SCOTUS. Who knows what they will do anymore?

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