I really enjoyed the "Bang! Bang!" part at the end.
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09/01/2020, 04:08:06

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As for the rest of the verbal behavior from the Rogue's Gallery of ACFs, it is becoming difficult not to wish to see great physical harm come to them.

Is it just me or do I sense the spirit of Captain Scurvy awaiting the sight of a balloon going up? Rioting. Really!?! That's the 'Crat's plan to win the election? Trying to resurrect all of the worst things about the 1960s-early70s?

If ever there was a tangible example of Hunter Thompson's "Leaping to Catch the Great Sky Hook," which either lifts you to Heaven or impales you on the point, the 2020 BURN IT DOWN!! 'Crat strategery (sic) is IT!!

Exactly like the scene in Team America: World Police, where Michael Moore is hopping from foot-to-foot, hot dog in each hand, wearing a suicide bomber-vest screaming, "BRING IT DOWN!! BRING IT ALL DOWN!!!"

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