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Methinks Bob Livingston could be Albert Jay Nock, reincarnated.
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08/31/2020, 23:58:24

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Modern mind control is a very sophisticated process that prepares the public mind to act in support of "the system" at the expense of the individual and personal privacy and liberty. We write about this often because this psychological warfare on the people is used by the establishment to collectivize and mold the public mind to its will, stealing the people's liberty.

Governments and politicians mask their agendas and create illusions to deceive and misrepresent. Governments, bureaucrats and politicians look upon the public as a herd that should be deceived and led for the benefit of government and the elite.

This psychological warfare has steeped the people's minds in conventional wisdom. Conventional wisdom is what everybody believes. It is the knowledge and thought processes ingrained in people beginning at a young age in government indoctrination camps also called "public schools." This indoctrination continues throughout adulthood via the controlled media.

Government men are constantly working to perfect their mind control system. That's because there are still people who escape the system. Those who escape have inquiring minds that allow them to reject conventional wisdom and question long-held beliefs and recognize that things are not always as they seem. The government cannot have nonconformists because nonconformists challenge authority.

The effort by government men to perfect their craft has led to dreadful experimentation on people, often without their knowledge and consent. That's because, beyond just seeing the people as their subjects, the agencies within the federal government view the people as its lab rats.

Government men from the so-called health agencies to the military to the intelligence agencies have long conducted experiments on people both openly and in secret. Some of them, conducted by agents of the United States, are as ghastly as those conducted under Nazi Germany.

Efforts within the military-industrial complex and the intelligence agencies to create super soldiers and weapons that controlled the minds of the enemy took off after World War II. Two of these programs were/are MKUltra and DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency).

The CIA mind-control program MKUltra was revealed by the Church Committee. Seemingly something out of a Robert Ludlum novel, documents uncovered in the 1960s demonstrated that the CIA was experimenting on people — often without their knowledge — in an effort to find drugs and methods that would affect the human mind in ways that would make them obey commands or react to spontaneous signals without hesitation and forget their actions; and that would alter their personalities and disable them. These are just some of the nefarious mind-control experiments the CIA engaged in.

Among the most famous victims of MKUltra (that we know about) are Ken Kesey, Whitey Bulger, Robert Hunter, Harold Blauer, James Stanley, Wayne Ritchie, Ruth Kelley, Dr. Robert Hyde, George White and the agents of the Office of Security and Technical Services Staff — both CIA departments.

Details of this insidious program continue to leak out thanks to the intrepid work of John Greenewald Jr. who runs the website The Black Vault. Greenewald has spent most of the last 20 years hounding the CIA with document requests through the Freedom of Information Act trying to get to the bottom of the program.

His efforts — more than 9,000 FOIA requests resulting in more than 2 million pages of documents — show him he's only scratched the surface of his inquiry into these nefarious activities. He believes the CIA has lied to and misled him for 20 years and that there still remain thousands of pages of documents in CIA files outlining their work. And some files he's seen indicate the government's efforts in this area have not stopped.

A recent batch of documents released to Greenewald shows research on dogs and cats that aimed at controlling their behavior with electric impulses to the brain. Electronic devices were implanted in the brains of dogs and cats and the animals were released into fields for experimentation. Animal experiments are always a prelude to human experiments.

Their research was limited by the technology of the 1950s and 1960s and unsuccessful at the time. But electronic technology is far advanced above what it was 60+ years ago.

Most Americans scoff at the notion that agents of their government would behave in such a fashion. Most Americans are under the false belief that the U.S. government is an agent of good in the world and that Federal agencies want to protect citizens from harm. But history is rife with examples of government action ostensibly to "help the people" resulting in privation, destruction, death and turmoil. Anyone who has truly studied the history of governments around the world has seen that the elected class — with very few exceptions — is populated by a psychopathic mix of destroyers and seekers of wealth and power. They pay little mind to the consequences of their actions. What is relevant to them is their glorification, gratification and security at the seat of power.

Here are a few examples from right here in America:

  • During prohibition in the 1920s under President Calvin Coolidge, poisons were intentionally added to alcohol to deliberately sicken people in order to discourage them from drinking. More than 10,000 people died and countless more were sickened and debilitated from drinking the deliberately poisoned spirits.

  • During the Great Depression, with Americans starving and standing in long food lines, the government forced farmers to destroy crops and kill livestock in order to prop up food prices.

  • Under the Tuskegee syphilis experiments, hundreds of black men were tricked into thinking they were receiving free healthcare from the government. Instead, their disease went untreated, as did that contracted by their wives and the children born to them.

  • In the Philippine prisoner study, U.S. Army doctors intentionally infected prisoners with bubonic plague and exposed others to beriberi.

  • At St. Vincent's House orphanage, children were deliberately infected with tuberculin leaving some permanently blind and infected with lesions of the skin and inflammation around the eyes.

  • In 1911 at the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, 146 patients — some of them children — were deliberately injected with syphilis.

  • University of Michigan virologists Thomas Francis, Jonas Salk (of the Salk polio vaccine) and others deliberately infected mental patients with the influenza virus by spraying it into their nasal passages.

  • Inmates at the Stateville Penitentiary in Joliet, Ill., were exposed to malaria in the 1940s in a study conducted by the U.S Army, State Department and University of Chicago Department of Medicine. Related studies were conducted from 1944-1946 on mental patients at the Illinois State Hospital. The precedent of these malaria studies was used as part of the defense for Nazi doctors at the Nuremberg trials.

  • In the 1950s in San Francisco, the U.S. Navy sprayed large quantities of the bacteria Serratia marcescens (considered harmless at the time) over San Francisco to conduct a simulation of a biological warfare attack. Dozens of people contracted a pneumonia-like illness and some died.

  • In 1952, a researcher with Sloan-Kettering Institute injected live cancer cells into prisoners at Ohio State Prison. Also at Sloan-Kettering, 300 healthy women were injected with live cancer cells without being told.

  • The CIA released whooping cough bacteria from boats outside Tampa Bay, Fla., in 1955. A whooping cough epidemic resulted which killed at least 12 people.

  • Army bio-warfare researchers released millions of infected mosquitoes over Savannah, Ga., and Avon Park, Fla., in 1956 and 1957 to test how yellow fever and dengue fever spread. Hundreds contracted a wide variety of illnesses including fevers, respiratory illnesses, stillbirths, encephalitis and typhoid.

  • Military personnel were often subjected to various biological, chemical and radiological warfare agents without consent.

And lest you think such human experimentation is from a time long ago, the Environmental Protection Agency was found to be conducting experiments on people in 2010 and 2011. The experiments involved the effects of particulate matter (PM) and diesel exhaust on humans. The EPA did not get consent forms from 81 people in five studies. It also did not provide information to study participants on the amount of PM they would be exposed to and the danger risk for those with health conditions.

The EPA has long said that PM is deadly. In a 2003 EPA document, the agency claimed even short-term exposure to PM can result in heart attacks and arrhythmias in people with heart disease. A 2006 EPA report links short-term PM exposure to "mortality and morbidity."

Now back to mind control. It's not unusual following a mass murder or other horrific crime for the relatives and acquaintances of the offender to claim the act or deed is completely out of character. And often the criminal will claim to have heard voices in his head or experienced irresistible urges that made him carry out the act.

Conventional wisdom automatically rejects this as impossible and the ravings of a crazy person. That is precisely the reaction expected from a programmed mind.

Yours for the truth,

Bob Livingston
Editor, The Bob Livingston Letter®


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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