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07/30/2020, 21:03:35

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Letters: I like substance over style. I’m voting Trump.


To the Editor:

Responding to Steven Beckstrand’s letter to the editor (“For the second time in my life, I won’t vote Republican,” News + Record, July 23-29 edition), this individual lives in Morrisville, Wake County. Isn’t this a Chatham paper? Undoubtedly President Trump ruffles feathers, but I voted for him in 2016 for that reason. He is a results kind of guy, delivering on his promises in extraordinary ways and in particular, by championing the constitutional rights of law-abiding gun owners across our country.

Early in his administration, President Trump repealed an Obama-era scheme that forced Social Security recipients to choose between their benefits and their Second Amendment right to possess a firearm. He promised to transform the federal judiciary by reversing a disturbing trend of appointing activist judges. President Trump appointed a record-setting number of judges who respect and value the Second Amendment, including Supreme Court Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh. I expect that his focus on the judiciary will continue to be a high priority during a second term.

By “unsigning” the anti-gun United Nations Arms Trade Treaty, President Trump demonstrated his commitment to American freedom and sovereignty. This critical act effectively withdrew the United States from a global march toward international gun prohibition. During the flood of COVID-19 orders, the Trump administration declared that firearms and ammunition retailers are “critical infrastructure,” prompting states to reopen gun stores that had been forcibly closed. I’m grateful that President Trump opposes the notion that self-defense is “non-essential.”

He acted to abolish one of America’s biggest gun-free zones by ending the ban of possession of firearms on 12 million acres of federal land administered by the Army Corps of Engineers. President Trump strongly supports America’s hunting, recreational shooting and outdoor heritage and has sought to expand millions of acres of public access, reverse nonsensical bans on traditional ammunition and prevent federal infringements upon wildlife management. Most importantly, the Trump presidency has defended Americans against the anti-freedom agenda of politicians who have contempt for our Second Amendment. Their obsession for more gun control laws that empower criminals over law-abiding citizens has been hindered thanks to President Trump courageously standing in their way.

Mr. Beckstrand is looking for style. I’d rather see substance. I’m voting for President Trump for the second time.

Yours in freedom.


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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