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The Darkside of ThePodocasts
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Posted by: Alice1

07/30/2020, 08:31:05

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Good morning folks,

I missed posting about this last week, as I took my happy self south for gunpowder therapy and camping.
Couple of things with ThePodocasts this week: 1) The host, Scott, decided last night to do a live stream talking about a variety of topics tomorrow night at 7:30PM CST. Link to his channel is below.

2) He has more than just videos going.

I'm going to make it clear, I don't always agree with everything that he says. But you know, I'm freaking proud that he's trying to get his opinions out there, and most of them do line up with mine. He is not getting paid to do this (he has a small sponsor out of Texas) and pays for everything out of his own pocket. I, personally, would sincerely appreciate his work getting shared and growing, and to anyone here who has shared his stuff, thank you.

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