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Posted by: TEEBONE ®

07/29/2020, 18:40:44

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Lincoln Project Pays $4M to Back Dems in Maine, Alaska, Montana

By Eric Mack    |
2-2 minutes

The Lincoln Project is purportedly founded by never-Trump Republicans with its goal of defeating President Donald in November, but that fact comes into question with its targeting a Maine Republican who is not endorsing the president.

Despite the fact Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, refused to endorse Trump last week, the Lincoln Project is targeting her as a "Trump stooge" in a $4 million liberal activist campaign backing Democrat challengers to GOP incumbents in Maine, Alaska, and Montana.

"Collins isn't an independent; she's a fraud," the one-minute attack ad states. "Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump control her voice. She makes excuses for corruption, for criminality, for cruelty, all while pretending she's worried."

"Susan Collins doesn't work for Maine, she works for them. And Maine deserves a leader, not a Trump stooge."

The Lincoln Project was founded in part by the husband of White House senior counselor Kellyanne Conway, who has been a frequent Twitter antagonist of the president. It has declared its "project" is to remove Trump from the White House, but now it is targeting Republican senators, which would flip the Senate to Democrats.

"Defeating Trump means defeating his network of enablers as well," the Lincoln Project wrote in a statement. "Come Nov. 3, it's time for Sen. Collins to go."

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Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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