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The reason the 'Crats are afraid DJT will try to enlarge his power as president andviolate the Constitution is THAT IS WHAT THEY INTEND TO DO IF THEY WIN !!
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Posted by: LateForLunch

07/29/2020, 12:52:47

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CG Jung: "It is impossible for anyone to conceive of any morality superior to their own".

In other words, people naturally assume others will behave as they themselves would. It rarely occurs to a thief that others would not have the constant temptation to steal, or to rapists the constant desire to rape, or psychopaths the constant delight in wanton violent misanthropy, mayhem and even murder.

Immoral (or worse, amoral) people do not easily believe their adversaries (whom they generally consider enemies) would not attempt to do all of the bad things they would do in the same situation.

Hence Tolkien's reminder in LOTR, "The guilty are forever (excessively) suspicious".

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