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Good news about BartB
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Posted by: robertb

07/28/2020, 22:21:42

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Hello all and thank you for the prayers for him.

The doctors at the hospital he is at are so much better than the ones he spent the first 6 months listening to. At this point, they have
1. Cleared his pneumonia (bacterial, not viral as the first ones thought)
2. Removed and cleared an abscess the size around of a coffee cup from his right lung
3. Put a mesh cocoon over the near to bursting aneurism on his Aorta
4. Gotten his Blood Pressure down
5. His red blood cell count up
6. Able to put on weight (he was down to skin and bones)
7. And he is able to stand up and walk a little, as long as he is careful.

He will be in the hospital for several more days, but is getting better every day. It may be a while before he is back to normal, but all is trending in the correct way. Obviously until then, things could still go wrong but the doctors are quite happy with the way he is recovering.

Hopefully he will be back here grouching about stuff soon enough.

Thank you all.

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