Rep. John Lewis Raised Millions While His District Starved
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07/28/2020, 20:08:46

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A lot of people have died in Georgia’s 5th congressional district over the summer. Murders are up 240% in Atlanta in July. The victims include an 80-year-old retired mechanic and an 8-year-old girl.
Lewis’ top contributors didn’t come from his own impoverished district. The cash poured in from Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Newton, Massachusetts, and Washington D.C. Unions, including the American Federation of Teachers and the NEA, whose activities have starved countless black children of a good education to subsidize the Democrat political machine, maxed out their contributions to Lewis.So did assorted PACs: Delta Airlines, Honeywell, American Crystal Sugar, Johnson & Johnson, and the Director's Guild of America. The real story of Lewis’ career didn’t take place on the Edmund Pettus Bridge. That old tale has been told and retold a thousand times. The photo of a single moment made Lewis’ career and created his brand as a civil rights icon. But this is what the bridge story really bought.
Where did all that money go? Hundreds of thousands of dollars were paid to Mothership Strategies, an aggressive Democrat fundraising firm which had been condemned for a “wildly deceptive, unrelenting approach that treats supporters like garbage.” Why was Rep. Lewis spending a fortune on digital strategy for elections he couldn’t lose in order to raise a lot of money from out of state Democrats

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