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Posted by: Alice1

07/27/2020, 08:20:46

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Well Russ,

I suppose there's at least one more place I can go to find my people when sh!t hits the fan then, huh?
My crew here was actually discussing what we're doing if (when) things keep progressing the way they are. My Ranger buddy actually had us doing SNAP drills (went camping on privately owned land in MO) during range time Saturday. (I will admit, I SUCKED during those, but now I know what I need to work on to improve!)
My crew definitely celebrates America. We went through 10 pounds of bacon Saturday morning alone, and another 5 Sunday morning. I have no idea how much ammo we went through but this year it wasn't just for the fun of gun powder therapy. We are actually building a permanent memorial (American flag, soldier's cross, etc).
We're also the type of people that will stand our ground. EVERY LAST ONE OF US will be hitting the polls November 3rd. We have plans in place to head to the farm once the results are announced (God knows we're not missing hearing the results.) It may seem a little paranoid of us, but we have a plan.

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