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There is a plausible argument that they are dedicated to the long-term status quo as opposed to "winning."
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07/26/2020, 18:21:38

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Message to Senate GOP: 'Fight for the MAGA agenda and you will win'

WND Staff
4-5 minutes

If Senate Republicans want to maintain their slim majority in November they need to stop "wringing their hands and whining" and support President Trump's conservative agenda, contends a veteran of more than 300 political campaigns.

George Rasley, managing editor of longtime political strategist Richard Viguerie's, noted Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, Sen. John Thune of South Dakota "and their highly paid consultants seem befuddled by the fact that a little over 100 days out from the election their candidates, especially some of their incumbents, are floundering."

Rasley, who participated in every Republican presidential campaign from 1976 to 2008, said there's a "simple explanation of the problem and a simple answer that will guarantee a Republican majority in the Senate."

He says to Senate Republicans: "Your problem is you have spent that past three years betraying the GOP base that elected Donald Trump President, so stop betraying conservatives, get off your ass and fight for the MAGA agenda and you will win. Keep doing what you are doing, and you will lose."

Rasley cited a column by Rachel Bovard, senior director of policy for the Heritage Foundation, who wrote that the Senate's "fecklessness is less a bug than a feature of the 116th Congress."

"But for the conservatives among their constituents, it is more outrageous than ever, considering that Senate Republicans may be in the waning days of power," she wrote.

"And it's not just that Republicans may lose the majority in November," Bovard continued. "It's that the result — for Republicans, conservatives, people of faith, small businesses, and anyone who enjoys living in a pluralistic society where tolerance of multiple viewpoints is the norm — will be to lose everything."

She pointed out that Senate Democrats, if they regain the majority, have made it clear they intend to eliminate the legislative filibuster.

That would make the Senate a majoritarian chamber, drastically reducing the minority party's ability to influence legislation.

Among the outcomes would be "packing the Supreme Court, ending America's energy economy with the Green New Deal, banishing religious liberty."

"It's not an exaggeration to say that the Republican Senate is all that is standing between us and a Democratic Party that wants to remake our congressional institutions in a way that allows them to remake society," Bovard wrote.

Looming disaster

Rasley said Senate Republicans seem oblivious to the looming disaster for constitutional liberty.

Why isn't Senate leadership, he asked, demanding that Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., follow through with his promise to subpoena the figures in the Russia-collusion hoax, including former FBI Director James Comey? Why is the Senate leadership silent on President Trump's effort to battle the insurrection in Democratic-controlled cities?

Why is the leadership not standing with Sen. Mike Lee of Utah in opposition to the "outrageous betrayal of originalist constitutional principles in the Supreme Court’s recent decisions on abortion and the creation of a legislation-free body of transgender constitutional rights"?

And what about the massive spending on federal lands and "economic stimulus"?

"History, and today’s polls, prove that these, and their many other betrayals, coupled with their deafening silence on the ongoing insurrection are a recipe for defeat," Rasley wrote.

He pointed out history shows that when Republicans nationalize the election and present America with a clear alternative between a conservative and a liberal version, voters choose the conservative candidate.

With Democrats shifting further and further to the socialist left, he argued, it should be an easy campaign.


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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