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Any sane view of history, must include context of the world at the time.
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07/26/2020, 17:29:53

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Modern day "social justice" people almost invariably seek to pay the debts of wrongs done in the distant past with the debased currency of the present. In other words, holding people alive today FULLY accountable for failings of distant affiliates is an exercise in INJUSTICE. 

To say that the Missions themselves were "bad" because they were works of the Spanish government (and later maintained by the Mexican government) is a grotesque over-simplification. 

One need only see the fine film Apocalypto to understand the choices available to the world in culture circa 1400-1600. The world was afflicted with savage empires vastly more-barbaric and wicked than any in which the Catholic Church was prominent. 

For instance the Church never engaged in ritual human sacrifice as far as I am aware. Nor did they ever murder as many as 50,000 people in a single month on their altars. Nor did they torture to death countless hundreds of thousands of souls in their arenas, in wars of aggression or on raids of villages. 

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