Let us hope that DJT will not be as tempted as GWB to mess with the Constitution due to short-to-intermediate term concerns (like terrorist assaults).
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07/26/2020, 16:41:25

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Most people don't get the Constitutional concerns with deploying federal agents as law-enforcement. Fortunately for the administration, most people see the mobilization of armed security officers purely as an effort to prevent continued violence caused (for the most part) by bad mayors and governors refusing to allow LEOs to do their jobs.

So politically, it's going to probably be a plus (as long as there is no ballooning of permanent or semi-permanent government entitlements to violate the Constitution).

DJT seems to be able to draw guidance in legal matters (including Constitutional ones) from reliably sane sources.

Putting A.C.L.J. head Jay Sekulow in charge of much of his legal dealings as POTUS was one of the smarter things he could have done.

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