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WOULD a 'Crat with the capability DO such a thing deliberately if they thought they could get away with it, HELL YES!!
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

07/26/2020, 16:09:39

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DID a 'Crat do it deliberately? Mebbe an investigation might be warranted, but it's easy for overworked people who lose focus, to do such things.

I've done it...realized I was sending a flawed email message...a few microseconds AFTER hitting "send". 

'Done the same thing when I locked my keys in the car. Hear the sound of the door lock at the exact moment I see the key in the ignition.

Anyone who needs to be convinced that there are an abundance of very wicked, criminally-inclined people out there (mostly anti-conservative fanatics) aiming to steal, destroy, maim or even murder under false pretense of  "protesting," is not paying serious attention. 

I don't really need one more evidence of this, though this could well be another item after an investigation. I'm not gonna hold my breath. If it WAS deliberate, likely the company will bury the evidence and make sure it never sees daylight. 

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