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One I can't realistically avoid, plus a couple that I choose not to . . .
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Posted by: Russ Walden

07/25/2020, 11:14:46

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Tee --

AT&T is on the list, but it is my only reasonable source of internet access, so I'm stuck there.

Microsoft is on the list, but only for products and services I don't use. My whole computer network is Windows based, so I ain't going anywhere. Plus, I have made way too much money on Microsoft stock to even think about it. In my defense, most of my Microsoft stock was purchased before the 2009 Code of Conduct was implemented.

Alphabet -- I don't intentionally use Google, but it is unavoidable.

Ebay -- Seldom used, but there really is no reasonable alternative when I need it.

Other than that, I'm pretty clean.


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