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Crats: "We never spied illegally on the Trump campaign...and besides,we did it because we had a good reason!".
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Posted by: LateForLunch

07/25/2020, 08:03:30

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I wonder if the voting public will care at all about the latest revelations from the Dept of Justice revealing that (imagine that) the 'Crats did indeed illegally spy on the Trump campaign after all (as the president was mocked for saying) - despite years of passionate, outraged denials from 'Crat leaders/supporters.

So in something straight out of Catch-22, the 'Crats have suddenly gone from passionate denials that they ever spied illegally on the Trump campaign to even more-passionate DEFENSES for the fact that they actually DID spy illegally on the Trump campaign exactly the way he said they did.

"We never illegally spied on the Trump campaign! And besides, we illegally spied on the Trump campaign for good reasons."


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