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All American Nightmare
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Posted by: Alice1

07/24/2020, 07:48:40

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I had a random thought this morning (pre-coffee) when I was jamming out to Hinder. This one is a bit of a ramble, but it'll be at least a little amusing. :-)

I realized this morning that people like us are an All American Nightmare to the Left. Why's that?
  1. I personally would cut off my left leg before letting any riot destroy my city. Screw that.
  2. Most of us here are HUGE supporters of the 2nd, and that scares the crap out of Leftists. We aren't that easy to control, and they know it.
  3. Our God and our Country come first. The US Flag means something, and it's more than just a symbol to us. It's a representation of the men and women who stood up to defend our very lives and freedoms, and we won't waste their efforts by not doing the right thing.
  4. We smell what the media is cooking, and it reeks. We're not afraid to point out the fallacies we see, or debate people buying into the spin doctoring happening.
  5. We are smart enough to recognize a PSYOP when we see one. This scares Leftists because we see right through what they're trying to do, and we actually have the potential to grind their efforts to dust.
I could be WAY off base here, but again, pre-coffee. And you know, I have no problem wearing the label of All American Nightmare proudly. (On that note, I think it's time for a new tattoo.....)

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