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Don't recall that Sowell ever said that . . .
Re: Hmmm. I wonder what he meant by "retired". -- LateForLunch Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: Russ Walden

07/22/2020, 11:18:12

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LFL --

I don't recall that Sowell ever described himself as "retired." He stopped teaching somewhere in the early 80's, after he joined the Hoover Institute, but was very active in writing and speaking. About three years ago, he announced that he would no longer write his weekly column, preferring to spend more time with his favorite hobby of photography and other writings. His last book was just recently published, and I expect there will be others to follow.

My first Sowell book was "Knowledge and Decisions" in the early 80's, followed later by "Conflict of Visions," and several others after that. I bought multiple copies of his "Basic Economics" as gifts for my kids and some other young people.

He does not have the "southern black dialect" because he was raised in Harlem before that dialect became fashionable among blacks.

Take care,

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